Print Prices and Wall Art Package Deals

As of 2020, Jessica Photography is now able to offer the highest quality photography products within the popular large format Wall Art concept, alongside the usual top quality lustre photographic prints and the handmade Limed Ash Framed prints.

These new luxury products have been carefully chosen as the most ‘state of the art’ in quality, design and finish, so your photography will be both a treasured memory and a statement art piece.

Diamond Art Panels

These exquisite pieces have a crystal style finish making the image reproduction durable as well as super sharp and beautifully vivid. 

The Diamond Art Panel fixes to the wall with a 1cm gap to cast a border-like shadow from the side, so the effect is very contemporary and classy. The Bluebell Panel is 40 x 30 inches compared the smiling girl which is 12 x 10 inches to give a sense of scale.

Satin Gallery Wraps

Similar to the Diamond Panels, these Gallery Wraps show incredibly fine details perfectly and create a superbly vibrant finish. 

The Satin Gallery Wraps can be either an image wrap, so your image continues around the edge of your frame, or you can opt for a shadow-like effect by having it black.

If your home has a particular colour palette, you can opt for a colour to match both your decor and your image, like the stone grey/blue of this little lad’s expression set.

Professional claw hooks to hang your Wall Art perfectly. Rubber bumpers to provide a perfect fit and shadow against your wall.

Silver Circles.

The clarity and stunning detail of these laser printed products is fantastic and the unique look of the product provides a real impact.

The Silver Circles make your images pop, using the latest in high definition metal print technology. Robust, waterproof

Robust, waterproof and scuff resistant, the metal print offers a unique and eye-catching finish.

Example of one of the Satin Gallery Wrap package deals, two 16 x 12s, two 20 x 16s and one 30 x 20 in the centre, which creates a real visual impact!

Example of a 40 x 30 inch Diamond Art Panel to give a sense of scale.

Example of a Silver Circle package deal, with two 16 inch Circles and one 26 inch.