Hi,  I’m Jessica Plank, I’ve been photographing people for many years and I love it!

I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful place as Cornwall and I make the most of every change of scenery that the British seasons offer.

Just check out my galleries to see all the stunning places on our doorstep!!

I started my photography career as a photographer for Photo Corp where I won a few awards including Customer Service Person of the Year. Working in an exceptionally busy studio environment taught me a lot about working with children and how to get the best out of them. 

I’m currently a member of the Guild of Professional Photographers and have taken advantage of amazing trainers in various photographic disciplines and also won lots of awards for my photographs, which I’m pretty proud of!

I have a bit of a dress addiction and my collection of ball gowns, flower crowns, parasols, and tiaras for my Princess Photo Shoots is pretty epic.

My Hen Do was thus a Princess Tea Party and all of my friends looked stunning in my collection – they were all such good sports and I love them so much!

I was Cinderella and took all of the photos on timer of course! 

I married the love of my life in May 2019 and am getting used to being called Mrs. Plank. Capturing memories with your loved ones is just so important and I am so proud that my job means I spend my life doing something that is meaningful to people and produces art they will treasure!

My poor husband has to put up with the majority of our home being full of photographic props – dresses (rails and rails of them), flower garlands, velour chaise longues, arches, bouquets, shoe racks, tiara stands, thrones, parasols etc, and on top of that all my photographic equipment!

My friends often get involved in helping accessorise dresses, bonnets, sashes etc or they kindly agree to model my new designer ball gowns when I get a new addition and I am just too excited to wait for a Photo Shoot.

I turned 35 this April and my new husband got me my very own Italian vintage Princess Throne! I adore finding these gorgeous props to create beautiful photos.

My new hobby of altering dresses and adding pretty flowers, sequins, bows, beads and lace appliques is very exciting as I can finally create what I picture in my head, (and then dress pretty princesses in my creations!!!)

I often end up scratched and muddy after a Location Shoot as my enthusiasm isn’t always curbed by practicality.  

(I love that this beautiful girl could stay in her comfortable trainers and jeans to stay warm, but still be a princess for her shoot!)

Me playing dress up with my friends – wouldn’t you if you had 400+ ball gowns!?!

 I have loads of 64 litre boxes of flowers, chiffon scarfs, bows etc in various colours so I can do lovely set ups for my Photo Shoots.

I am running out of space, but who needs to move freely in their own home?!

Although portraiture is my true passion, I do a lot of wildlife photography as a hobby. My 150-500 zoom lens is starting to give me muscles, it’s just so heavy!!! Totally worth the shots I get with it though of course.


I adore my two black Labradors Oska and Dylan, they’re very bouncy and excitable, but can be very cuddly when you haven’t got a ball…  Dylan is often nicknamed ‘wiggle-bottom’ as he seems to always be in the middle of celebrating something utterly amazing – none of us have found out what yet!

(You’d think from these photos that they sat there patiently… don’t let them fool you!) Pet Portrait sessions are amazing fun and I do enjoy capturing your whole family – not just the humans! 

In 2010 I backpacked around the world and travelled to 22 countries in total!  I started in Kenya and toured down the East Coast of Africa, through the Namib desert to South Africa, where I have family. Highlights of Africa, being bitten on the bum by a turtle in Zanzibar, licked by a Cheetah in Botswana, picked up by an Elephant in Zimbabwe and eating all the cheese at a Wine Tasting in Stellanbosch Vineyard (I don’t drink alcohol so I shared a ticket with a lactose intolerant person).

Then it was off to South East Asia with a month of backpacking to finish in Japan where I WOOFed for three months (Willing Worker On Organic Farms) and taught English etc. whilst learning Japanese. I then visited Australia and finally finished my travels by backpacking around South America for a few months, traversing the Andes, brrrrrrrr, hiking the Inca trail at Machu Picchu, staying on Lake Titicaca, seeing the Nascan Lines, visiting the Iguazu Falls and flying home from Rio De Janeiro.

I’m super lucky to have been able to see and experience all these amazing places and will never lose my perspective on how lucky we are in this country to have the things we have.

I look forward to meeting you!