Post Wedding Bride and Groom

Photography or Bridal Portraits

Weddings are wonderful and emotional days that zoom by fast! ( I got married last year and after planning it for a year, it was over in a blink!)                                                            

  Maybe there was no time to get the photos that you wanted as a newly married couple -always so many family and friends to greet and so little time to spend getting those gorgeous couple shots, or maybe you just didn’t have the weather and regret not having a beautiful outdoor vista with you both in your beautiful outfits. Whatever the reason, I love the romance of Bride and Groom Photo Shoots without the stress of time constraints that the wedding day sometimes has. I guarantee you both will look more relaxed without the family and friends watching!  

As a girl I think we can all agree that after the Groom (who is important of course) the next most important part is the DRESS… you with me girls?!! Of course you are!

My post bridal portrait sessions allow you to get all dolled up again, maybe even have a different hairstyle?!  Perhaps try on one of my 50+ designer tiaras, have your hair and makeup all done in a relaxing atmosphere and then your beautiful photos can be taken without having to rush (so you can really enjoy being a princess again and get some gorgeous photos for yourself and your partner).

You may be celebrating an anniversary, a weight loss or gain, or just have had your wedding and have come back from honeymoon with a fabulous tan and really want to wear your dress again with your new glow (I know that feeling!!!)

Whatever the reason, it’s fabulous fun and a lovely ending to your wedding album, plus something to look forward to after the wedding is over.